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Former Intelligence Officials Urge Presidential Action.

In the midst of a hotly-contested presidential campaign in Ohio, two former intelligence officials visited Columbus today to urge Senators McCain and Obama to take executive action if they're elected next month.

Donald Gregg is a former C-I-A officer. Now, he's part of a campaign to ban mistreatment of prisoners in U-S custody. Gregg says the group wants the next president of the United States to sign an executive order barring inhumane treatment of prisoners.

"Whoever is elected has right now a tin can tied to his tail in terms of what we have done in terms of torture. And so what we are hoping is that one of the first actions of either president will be to sign an executive order." Says Gregg.

Gregg says the proposed action would set one national standard of treatment by all interrogators. Gregg contends abuses at Abu Graib prison in Iraq and alleged mistreatment at Guantanamo have taken a toll on Americans in foreign countries.

"Our Diplomats oversees are saying that they have never encountered such disdain. I have businessmen friends in latin america who are fluent enough in spanish to pretend that they are no longer americans because they find it easier to do business pretending to be a canadian or someone else." Says Gregg

Gregg and former military intelligence officer Carl Ford made their case during an appearance at the Columbus Metropolitan Library.

Tom Borgerding WOSU News