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Ohio House Delegation Helps Pass $700 Billion Bailout

The 17-member Ohio House delegation turned in 10 votes in favor of the financial markets bill signed into law Friday by President Bush.

Central Ohio Republican Representatives Deborah Pryce, 15th District and Pat Tiberi, 12th District, were among the 10 yes votes. House Minority Leader John Boehner was another of the six Ohio Republicans who approved the measure. Four members of the GOP and two Democrats voted against it. 16th district Republican Ralph Regula says on his web site, he regrets the provisions added by the Senate. But he voted for the measure, saying he believes it will stabilize financial markets and protect taxpayers and jobs.

Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich again voted against the measure. On his web site, Kucinich says the rule of gold has replaced the golden rule. And he speculates people will say of this Congressional vote what were they thinking?

Nine-term Republican Congressman Dave Hobson, 7th District, is retiring, and says Friday's vote will likely be one of his last. He admits on his website that he objects to, "pork barrel tax extenders that the Senate couldn't resist adding to the bill." However, Hobson says he voted for the measure to prevent failure of the financial markets.

Republican Congressman Robert Latta, 5th District, voted against the bailout bill. Latta says in a release that he liked the tax reduction provisions added by the Senate, in particular the alternative minimum tax change which he says will protect 21 million taxpayers from an increase. But Latta says the bill lacks details on how taxpayer money will be spent and how the Treasury Department arrived at the $700 Billion dollar figure.