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Attorney: Foreclosure is a Legal Process that Can Move Quickly

Numerous local and state agencies that work with homeowners facing the loss of a house are struggling to keep up with the phone calls and foot traffic of those frantically seeking resources to stay in their home.

In Franklin county, the foreclosure rate is running about 12 percent higher than one year ago.

Homeowners are often told to call their lenders and try to work out the problem. But Stephanie Moes of the Legal Aid Society of Cincinnati, says access to legal advice is helpful for tenants whose landlord is facing foreclosure and for homeowners facing foreclosure.

Stephanie Moes is with the Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati. She was a panelist during Thursday's ReBuild Ohio forum on foreclosure prevention and redevelopment strategies for vacant properties.

Moes and others on the panel admitted that the rapidly rising demand for foreclosure assistance is stretching staffs, and the emotion surrounding the loss of a home is taking a toll on those trying to help as well as those in the middle of it.