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Election Law Analyst Says Ohio Is Again Ripe For Court Disputes.

While political conventions and campaigns take center stage this summer, county Boards of Election in Ohio are busy preparing for the November vote and trying to stave off any legal disputes. Today, an election law analyst says another close presidential contest will likely spawn more litigation. W-O-S-U's Tom Borgerding reports.

Professor Daniel Tokaji at the OSU Moritz College of Law says during the 2004 and 2006 campaigns disputes over voting machines, provisional ballots, and recounts all ended up in court. This year he predicts more court squabbles over voter registration, in part, because of numerous voter registration drives.

"We expect both parties, as well various independent non-partisan groups out there to make a big push in this election season to register more voters." Says Tokaji. Tokaji adds that county boards of election must comply with two federal election laws, the Ohio Revised Code, various court orders, and directives from the Secretary of State's office and that can lead to different legal interpretations.

"Most importantly, we've got a requirement under federal law that every state have a statewide voter registration database and one of the concerns is that there's going to be problems with the accuracy of that list that could result in some voter's names not being on the rolls." Says Tokaji.

Tokaji made his comments at the Columbus Bar Association.