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As Economy Falters, More Ohioans Classified As Poor

The Census Bureau Tuesday reported new numbers on poverty, income and health insurance. It's an annual snapshot of the economic well-being of nation's households.

1,464,000 Ohioans are poor according to the new census figures. Ohioans were more likely to be poor or lack health insurance coverage last year than when the last recession bottomed out in 2001. That's from from Ericka Thoms of the Center for Community Solutions in Cleveland. Thoms says poverty inched down two tenths of one percent in 2007 from 2006. But she says:

"What is alarming is that poverty in Ohio is almost 2.7 percent higher than it was in 2001."

The median income for working-age households is also slipping, Thoms says:

"The 2007 median income in Ohio was $46,597. In 2001 adjusted for inflation it was $47,881. So we're down about $1200 in median income.

Nationally for 2006, poverty was down and income was up. But the number of uninsured was higher, and the improvements in income and poverty did not match the levels reached before President Bush took office.