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Binging on the Olympics

I've learned something about myself over the past few weeks - I'm a binge spectator.

I literally could not walk by a television showing the Olympics without throwing myself on a couch and staying glued to that TV until the broadcast for that day concluded at like 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning.

It's like I've been hypnotized or something.

Maybe it's the whole high-definition TV thing - part of my mind thinks I'm really there. That would explain my new habit of talking to the television.

When I was a kid I had a great Aunt that we all secretly laughed at as she watched shows like The Lone Ranger on her tiny black and white TV.

Aunt Verne thought she was right there Watch out Tonto, WATCH OUT - bad guy behind the rock, BAD GUY BEHIND THE ROCK!

The Olympics have turned me into my Aunt Verne.

I was right there - I screamed my way through Batman winning the Bronze in hurdles Water Polo Badmition the vault, women's and men's the modern Pentathlon everything - and I cheered for Michael every race, and every match for Misty and Kerri, every event for Shawn and Nastia and yes even shouted LeBron and Kobe on.

I got swept up and why not but then part of me keeps asking why ??

Truth is - I'm not the World's Best at anything - I'm not even Westerville's Best - not only am I not the Best I'm not really even that good at anything.

It just felt great to lay claim to the best for a few weeks this summer. I get to be a part of these other people's greatness simply because they are American's like me. Sometimes I'd even lay claim to the greatness committed by athletes from countries other than the USA because, well, there are people and I'm a people

You know, I could probably qualify for a medal if there was a sport called couch time - but in that special high definition corner of my mind I wasn't on the couch - I was there and I'm going to miss being at the Olympics because it's been such an awesome thing to be a part of - how funny is that? - To be a part of - I watch, therefore I am!