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Stivers Receives Endorsements

Republican Steve Stivers recently picked up two endorsements to his campaign for Ohio's 15th Congressional District.

State Senator Steve Stivers, a Republican, has received the local Fraternal Order of Police endorsement. He's running against Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy for Ohio's 15th Congressional district. Stivers is among 16 Republicans and 7 Democrats who've won endorsements from the FOP. A Fraternal Order of Police screening committee made its decisions based on interviews with many of the candidates.

FOP president Jim Gilbert says adequate funding is a major concern for law enforcement during this year's election season.

"Obviously the economy is a concern for everybody," Gilbert says. "Criminals don't stop because of the economy. We want to insure that when we're talking to these individuals whether they're running for local or state office that the law enforcement is still going to continue to get the monetary support for us to effectively do our jobs."

The Fraternal Order of Police says Mary Jo Kilroy declined to attend a question and answer session.

Meanwhile Stivers has also received the endorsement of the 20,000-member Ohio State Medical Association.