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Obama's Ohio Plan Features Statewide Grassroots

Top campaign officials from the Barack Obama campaign and governor Ted Strickland Tuesday laid out the Democrat's plan to win Ohio's 20 electoral votes.

The Obama campaign says they will not make the mistakes of previous presidential campaigns and will look for votes in all parts of the state.

The campaign plans to open 43 field offices around Ohio it has already opened more than 30.

The Obama campaign will also enlist the help of 1,200 so called neighborhood based volunteers to go door to door.

Strickland says the Obama campaign effort in Ohio is "very impressive" because it includes the entire state. Strickland says Obama will not win every Ohio but he will be more competitive than john Kerry was in 2004.

Ohio Republican leaders charged Strickland with playing politics while Ohio's economy suffers. State GOP deputy chairman Kevin DeWine says, "Ohioans need to hear from Gov. Strickland about his plan for turning around Ohio's economy not about Barack Obama's door knocking program,"