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Main Street Bridge Arch Complete

The new Main Street Bridge in Columbus has moved one step closer to completion. Tuesday marked the topping of the incline arch.

When it's completed in November 2009, the new Main Street Bridge will be the first in North America to have as part of its superstructure an incline arch.

Mayor Coleman stood on the east shore of the Scioto River and watched as cranes raised the 63-foot-long, 150,000-pound center section that will connect the east and west pieces of the arch together. Coleman says the unusual design will become an icon for the city of Columbus.

"As we approach our bicentennial and as our community moves forward, we want to build something that is excellent; something that will survive the generations that this community will be proud of over a long period of time. So this is far from average," Coleman says. "This is one of a kind. It's an architectural gem and an engineering feat."

Harvard University's Spiro Pallalis designed the bridge which has an estimated cost of 52 million dollars. It will carry 3 eastbound lanes and will feature an 18 foot pedestrian promenade with unobstructed views of downtown.