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Angry Woman Allegedly Assaults Police Officers

A woman was arraigned Tuesday on charges she assaulted two police officers Monday night at Columbus City Hall. The woman was part of a group planning to protest at a city council meeting the police shooting on Friday of a 31-year-old man.

Family and friends of Edward Hayes, the man who was killed, came to city hall Monday night, angered by the fatal shooting. While they were in the lobby the group became 'disruptive,' says police spokeswoman Amanda Ford.

"They were getting loud and somewhat disruptive and so the lieutenant was walking up to the lobby desk and as he walked by one female, she threw a water bottle at him and struck him in the back of the shoulder. So two officers witnessed this happen and they immediately went over to arrest her and she struck one of the officers [while] resisting."

Erika Connor of Marden Court, was arraigned Tuesday morning on two charges of felonious assault on a police officer.

Meanwhile the shooting by members of Mayor Coleman's summer strike force remains under investigation. A spokesman for council member Andrew Ginther, who chairs the public safety committee, says Ginther continues to support the work of the summer strike force. John Ivanic says Ginther has been pleased with the task force's seizure of guns and drugs in the past few years.

Once the Division of Police concludes its investigation into the shooting, the results will be forward to the county prosecutor and a grand jury.