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Is Technology Too Ubiquitous?

We either have one or know someone who has two or three of them? Take a glance around the room or at every public place, you are sure to find one. They have found a way to enter the privacy of our homes and infringe on our quality time. It's popularity is such that it's almost predictable that you will find someone being entertained by one.

You're probably wondering what are these things I'm talking about. Well, you know its the IPOD, and its multiple versions, the MP3 player, or the combo cell phone/MP3 player/with unlimited texting.

There are as many as 31 and a half million kids in America today, representing the largest generation in US history. And they like to buy stuff. Advertisers target these kids and marketers present products that appeal to their generation.

According to Apple, one third of American teens own an ipod. A similar number of teens from all ethnic backgrounds own a cell phone.

What is disconcerting is these same products, created for pure entertainment, have almost consumed family time - the the moments when families cultivate the essential social skills our children need to thrive. It is no longer necessary for someone to have to communicate in person or even via phone; we can now get by with a secret coded language that appears only to be understood if you under the legal age. And what happens to the need to strike up a conversation on the elevator or in a doctor's waiting room? No need just turn up the volume and appear uninterested for small talk.

Technology's appeal to youth has been embraced as the best way to reach this generation whether it's in schools, churches and other social networks. So I don't sound too antiquated, I'll admit that these devices can definitely serve - at times - an entertainment purpose. Certainly we must give an incredible amount of credit and shed positive light on the technological advancements and how they have benefited our society. I can't imagine living with just the basics; however it's quite appropriate to affirm that our children are maturing in a society that is overly consumed by technology. And why it is a great benefit to our society to have the advantage of living in an era when all these digital methods of entertainment are available at our leisure, We must find ways to encourage our children to engage in activities that require no sound wave connection.