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Paper Changes for County Commissioners

There is no compilation of records to show how much paper is used in Franklin county offices. Budget analysts put the current cost in the ballpark of half-a-million dollars.

The Franklin County Board of Commissioners say no matter what the cost, the quantity is too high. That's why they are introducing a new resolution to eliminate the use of virgin paper products, encourage recycling, and discourage waste.

Besides making county offices more environmentally friendly, Board President Marilyn Brown says she hopes the new policy will help set an example for Franklin County residents.

"All over the county we're enacting policies that are more environmentally friendly and trying to set an example for the way we do business as a way other can do business and how we need to run our lives in general," Brown said.

The new policy will affect all county agencies under the Board's control, and Brown says they hope to encourage other agencies to enact similar policies.

"The world has changed," Brown said. "We need to do things in a more responsible manner to protect our communities."