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Report: Dann to Quit. AG's Office Says Nothing Planned

Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann is expected to announce his resignation later today, according to a published report.

The(Cleveland) Plain Dealer reports Dann planned to break the news to his senior staff this afternoon.

Dann's spokesman Jason Stanford told Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles that he would "not refute or comment on (the report)."

The Columbus Dispatch reports Dann apparently is trying to negotiate the terms of his resignation, adamant that a bill be killed authorizing Inspector General Thomas P. Charles to investigate the scandal in Dann's office.

Late this afteroon Dann's office released the following:

In response to numerous media inquiries today, the office is issuing the following statement:Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann has not resigned and no further announcements are planned.

Earlier today Ohio House Democrats filed articles of impeachment against Dann.

The resolution outlines nine counts of why the fellow Democrat should be impeached, including gross neglect of duties and making misleading statements under oath.

If Dann does not resign, the impeachment articles must get Republican support in order to send the charges to the Senate for a trial.

The move comes two weeks after an investigation determined that a top aide in Dann's office sexually harassed an employee. Dann also admitted to having an extramarital affair with a subordinate.

Also today, Governor Strickland renewed his calls for Dann to step down.