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If Van Halen Can Do It, So Can America

My friend and I were talking about the sad shape of things in our country right now.

The war. The mortgage crisis. Prices of everything but especially gas prices because let's face it, the price of oil drives the price of practically everything.

Somehow we got on the subject of education. How school systems are going to have to rob the classroom to fill the bus fuel tanks. Great, just think, somewhere down the line we'll be broke and dumb.

We came to the conclusion that maybe we should be talking about something else because, well, this discussion was getting pretty depressing.

I think I said something like, when Canada's money is worth more than America's things are just hopeless.

My friend said, Dude, it's America. There's hope. The other night Van Halen played at the Nationwide Arena. Think about it. They played with David Lee Roth. Anything's possible in America.

I don't know if David Lee Roth rejoining Van Halen is an economic indicator for anyone else out there but, maybe my friend was onto something; I prodded him to expand on the thought.

I said, David Lee Roth You Really Got Me' there??

He shot back - You Really Got Me Ha, ha. I am serious. We're at a time in our country where we've got to roll with the punches to get to what's real.

I said - let me get this straight are you saying we've got our back against the record machine. This ain't the worst that you've seen?

I don't know how I can remember the lyrics to Jump and can't remember my own phone number but the conversation continued.

I said, Go ahead jump.

Van Halen started with David Lee Roth - they made a bunch of money - everybody got full of themselves and the band broke up

My reply was that I actually liked Van Hagar - the version of Van Halen with Sammy Hagar.

My friend agreed but added, Egos man just egos. But Eddie got depressed. That's the problem. Remember 1999 to 2003? the hiatus? Van Halen didn't do anything That's where we are as a country right now America's hiatus. Don't get depressed. Just watch man, we are going to get our David Lee Roth back!

I quickly brought up the fact that Eddie was, and I think still is, in and out of rehab.

I know, I know, my friend said. But our Country isn't in rehab. We're just between lead singers.

I nodded in agreement.

My friend concluded, We'll get can't all get depressed and start drinking and doing drugs like Eddie Van Halen did I mean with the price of gas right now who could afford to do that?

Rock on.