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Record Gas Prices Bring Out Drivers' Concern for Less Fortunate

The week began with new record-high gasoline prices.

The price per gallon of unleaded hit $3.75 in parts of southern Ohio, and about 10 cents less in central Ohio. And some drivers say they would forego a tax rebate check if the government could find a way to lower fuel prices.

As Columbus firefighter Greg Lash was filling up his vehicle at a BP station in the Pataskala area, he described himself as "lucky" to have a good job and concerned about people who were just making ends meet when the price of gas began to skyrocket.

"The rebates they're giving us, that's nice," says Lash, but he adds he would rather see the money go toward bringing down the cost of fuel.

Lash says he figures the Mideast plays a role in the fuel prices, but he places most of the responsibility on big oil's billion dollar profits.

Pam Clatterbuck of Dayton says she doesn't know what is behind fuel prices. But she recently wrote to her representative to describe some of the struggles she sees during her job in a doctor's office

"We get a lot of cancelations because people can't afford the gas prices to come to the doctor," says Clatterbuck.

Clatterbuck agrees with Lash, the government should keep the rebate checks and use the money to lower the price of fuel.