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Frustration works best when kept refrigerated

Frustration works best when kept refrigerated. Let me explain what I mean. After a recent episode of I would consider a high level of frustration I thought it would be in my best interest and deemed appropriate to contemplate the stem of this emotion and how it affects our daily lives and routines, or even more so how if could ruin either. It we thought about some of the possible scenarios that might spike certain outburst of this emotion we'd find them in the bigger scheme of things to be quite insignificant.

Whether it begins with the coffee spill during our morning breakfast. The empty cereal box that somehow never found its way to the trash but, is looming in the cupboard amongst several other nearly empty boxes. Or, learning of the problem with the water tank in your home during your now morning cold shower. And to not limit the amusement to the confines of your home there is always the person driving their vehicle too slow during the morning work commute. And the individual who invaded your parking space at the office. So you get the picture! See how all these events seem to occur almost in a sequence and to think all this before the start of your day at work. While we know these things will inevitably stir a reaction in us, what we do after the fact is ultimately what either feeds or starves the frustrating emotion.

Now let's see if we can truly identify this term Frustration, We could also utilize various synonyms to describe the term aggravation, disturbance, disappointment they pretty much all imply the same meaning. According to the Webster's dictionary Frustration is defined as a deep chronic sense or state of insecurity and dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems or unfulfilled needs. If frustration stood alone in all these scenarios the outcomes might be different but many times it's accompanied by culprits who typically are negative and occasionally aggressive. Such as yelling and don't forget anger. By any measure what happens after this emotion is displayed in its entire splendor is truly what drives the outcome.

So now that we've had time to expose Frustrations demise, we have a better chance of knowing how to respond in reaction to its scheme. If we keep our cool and see the bigger and better picture of what lies ahead, it is likely we will have overcome a state of frustration. I caution this strategy takes practice and we may have the occasional slip up but we know ultimately Frustration doesn't survive in an environment where the temperature is COOL.