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An anti-gun violence group remembers VA Tech students who died one year ago

A small group from the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence commemorated the anniversary of the Virginia Tech massacre at the Ohio State campus. Also, the group was protesting what they call "lax" gun regulations.

Ed Hoover reads the names of the 32 people killed by a fellow student last year at Virginia Tech.

After several names were read, Catherine Turcer, a member of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence, laid down on the grass at the OSU Oval. The other protesters followed suit and lay down next to Turcer.

The five women and one man stayed on the grass for about three minutes - the amount of time the group says it takes for someone in the U.S. to buy a gun.

Toby Hoover is executive director of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence. Hoover hoped OSU students would turn out for the "lie-in," but she said the word did not get out in time.

"We got started a little bit late on it and we just didn't find a means to get it out there to the masses," Toby Hoover said.

Only two students took part in the "lie-in." Both students were sitting under a tree reading and were approached by the group to help hold their sign.

Dustin Willard, an OSU graduate, was one of them. Willard said he believes in the right to bear arms, but said obtaining a gun should be much harder.

"I believe they should be controlled in the matter of who's able to access them. And that certain people who display certain characteristics should be scrutinized whether or not they should be able to get something like that," Willard said.

Lindsey Myers is a sophomore. Myers helped Willard hold the sign that said ProtestEasyGuns.com.

"There does need to be more background checks before students are allowed to buy guns, or anybody, as a matter of fact," Myers said. Despite the poor turnout, Toby Hoover said she thinks they were able to send the message that everyone should have a background check before purchasing a gun.

"We hope that it will bring attention to a lot of people to realize just how easy it is to get a gun," Hoover said. "Most people think it's not that difficult."