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National Century execs stay in custody

Roger Faulkenberry and James Dierker remain in custody pending another bond hearing. Federal marshals arrested four former National Century executives Wednesday. Investigators alleged they planned to flee the country after they were convicted last month in a $1.9 billion fraud case.

Faulkenberry's lawyer Javier Armengau says his client has complied with all court orders. After his conviction, Faulkenberry was fitted with an electronic monitoring device. He was only allowed to leave his house for restricted activities such as work and doctor appointments.

"He's been in contact with my office on a daily basis," he said. "He even requested court permission to be able to take his daughter to school every morning and this was before the electronic monitoring was put on so this man complies with everything."

Armengau says he is frustrated with the current ruling and says his client has no prospects of leaving the country.

"Mr. Faulkenberry is married," he said."He has two school-aged children who their ties are deeply rooted in the Dublin, Ohio community. His situation, certainly a careful analysis of his situation, wouldn't lead anybody to conclude that he would leave the jurisdiction."

Dierker and Faulkenberry will appear for another bond hearing April 16 with two other convicted executives. Donald Ayers and Randolph Speer were arrested Wednesday in Florida and Georgia. A fifth executive Rebecca Parrett remains at large after her disappearance last week. The five executives were convicted last month on charges of fraud, conspiracy, and money laundering. Their sentencing has not been scheduled.