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U-S Senator Sherrod Brown Predicts Democratic Presidential Will Soon Be Over.

As an uncommitted super delegate, Ohio's democratic U-S senator, Sherrod Brown, is being courted by both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. But, Brown says it won't be long before the hotly contested democratic race is decided.

Its been more than two weeks since Ohio's primary, But, Senator Sherrod Brown says he'll let the campaign play out a bit longer before he decides which candidate he'll back. In an interview with WOSU News, Brown says the Obama Clinton Race will soon end.

"I just think that we will, at some point the two candidates will work out what they need to do. That if Hillary Clinton is still way behind in delegates, one hundred or more, and is not going to catch Barack Obama in the popular vote, that she at some point gives up. If she, on the other hand starts winning more delegates and gets momentum, then the nomination may be hers. I think that's more of a longshot."

Key to either candidate is a decision on the status of delegates from Michigan and Florida. The national party punished those two states for moving up their primaries before February 5th, stripping them of all their delegates to the national convention.

What will the democrats do about the Florida and Michigan delegates? "I don't know. I have no idea.

Brown contends the contest between Senators Obama and Clinton will help democrats in the fall since its drawing more voters to the polls during primary season.