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NetJets Stays in Columbus

CEO of NetJets, Richard Santulli, told an airport hanger full of people that the private jet company will remain at Port Columbus Airport and partner with Ohio State University. The company promises to spend up to a billion dollars to expand its hanger and double its flight safety facilty.

Other cities in North Carolina, Texas and Florida competed hard against Columbus and central Ohio officials feared NetJets would leave.

Santulli says the turning point for the decision came after a dinner hosted by Limited Brands Founder Les Wexner. Governor Ted Strickland, Mayor Michael Coleman and other state official and company CEO's were in attendence but Santulli singled out Buckeye Football coach Jim Tressel as being in attendence to do some of the recruiting.

Santulli says the involvement of Wexner and Ohio State in the courtship of NetJets, led to a partnership, something Santulli says he should have developed a long time ago.

The city, county and state gave NetJets an incentive package totaling $67.6 million and NetJets pledged to give it all back. The company also donated $12 million to the James Cancer Hospital. Governor Ted Strkcland says teamwork between the university and government officials to keep NetJets in Columbus will continue.

Net jets employs about 2000 people locally.