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Democrats Tackle Tax Returns and NAFTA in Last Debate

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama return to the campaign trail today, after holding their second debate in a week last night. The showdown in Cleveland is also their final debate ahead of next Tuesday's crucial Democratic primaries in Ohio and Texas, along with votes in Rhode Island and Vermont. Obama has won 11 straight primaries and caucuses, prompting Clinton's camp to acknowledge the importance of strong showings next week. She and Obama took on a number of issues last night, including NAFTA: the free trade agreement with Canada and Mexico that's widely unpopular with blue-collar Ohio workers whose votes are critical Tuesday. Clinton and Obama both said they'd use the threat of NAFTA withdrawal to pressure Mexico to make changes in it.

NBC co-moderator Tim Russert asked Obama if he's waffling on an earlier pledge to accept federal funding for the fall campaign. Obama said if nominated, he'd sit down with the Republican winner and make sure whatever is done is fair to both sides.

Russert asked Clinton about the her tax returns. She says she'll release them if she becomes the nominee, and possibly sooner.