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Race Should Not Matter in Race for President

I have a little shortwave radio that I love to listen to It fascinates me that I can listen in on the world from right here in Westerville, Ohio.

Last night, very late; I was listening to a broadcast from the BBC.

A British radio show host opened a report by saying, Black American Senator Barack Obama

For some reason, hearing the word Black sharply said, in that Queen's English accent, shook me.

It made me think, What does it really matter if he's black? Is the word black being used to describe his skin color? African American ancestry? Was it just to punctuate that he is a minority candidate or was it to contain him in a specific culture? What?

Once I gave it some thought the word Black became very complex to me. Too complex.

I thought to myself, Hey British guy, why not just say - America Senator Barack Obama ?

If he is elected President will the BBC refer to him as, Black American President, Barack Obama ??

We call our President The President. - or Mr. President . or maybe after the next election, Mr. President will actually be Mrs. President - or maybe I should say, Mrs. White, Female American President

I mean just think Michael Coleman Black Columbus Mayor I don't think race when I see him.. I see Mike Coleman, the mayor.

I'm not trying to say, Drop the word Black from our collective vocabulary and I'm not trying to say that Barack Obama's not black.

I've read that he describes himself as, "a black guy born in Hawaii with a father from Kenya and a mother from Kansas."

Mr. Obama is black and white We know that here in America. Something tells me that listeners to the BBC have also been aware of that fact for some time.

Maybe right now, you listeners that are people of color are thinking, 'Here we go another white guy talking about Race

Hey, any discussion about race is a potential minefield. It's an awkward topic and difficult to discuss without someone blowing a whistle, throwing a flag and calling a racism penalty. We all harbor some degree of cultural stereotypes and basic misunderstandings of each other and it's easy to put our foot in our mouth when trying to express our views on race, so we rarely say anything at all.

The PC thing to say is that race is irrelevant. It's not. We live in a race conscious society a race conscious world.

The magic of our country is that you can belong to any race, culture or religion and still be very much an individual America is truly a land of opportunity made up of individuals.

My vote for president is going to go to an individual.

Personally, a presidential candidate's race, or sex, or age, or religion means nothing to me.

I'm listening for a vision. I'm looking for ideas. I'm going to vote for the person that I feel like can get our country on track and lead us to the prosperity that we deserve.

And for the record - I think it is awesome that Barack Obama has accomplished so much in his life. His education. His public service. The books he has authored. His run for the White House If he is never elected to another office he's already established himself as a great role model for African Americans for all Americans and maybe even a few British folks.