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GOP Leader Sees Role for Ohio in Presidential Selection

Former Ohio House Speaker and longtime Ohio lawmaker Jo Ann Davidson sees a role for Ohio in the presidential selection process, even after voters in 22 states have their say next week.

Davidson is co-chair of the Republican National Committee. Monday, she told WOSU News, so far, the campaigns have been fairly quiet in the Buckeye State, but that could change on February 6th.

Davidson said the GOP is prepared to run against either of what appear to be the two remaining Democratic candidates. She said Republicans have concerns about what she calls "the trust factor" and Senator Hillary Clinton. And the GOP questions the experience of Senator Barack O'Bama whom she says is too liberal for the state of Ohio.

Acknowledging that Senator O'Bama is appealing to a large number of young people, Davidson said the Republican party also seeks to involve young people in the election process.

This WOSU Web Exclusive is a 9 minute, 31 second interview with Jo Ann Davidson.