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All work and no play

I've figured out why child's play is so important and vivid in the first years of a human's life. We put a lot of emphasis on allowing children to have fun in their first years.

Remember those years? All those phrases you heard constantly on the neighborhood playground. Run! Run Faster! Do you want to play on the swings? Hey let's slide on the sliding board! Quick, throw the ball!

But wait awhile. Grow and mature a few years and you, like every other hard working person in America, will begin to hear those words less as they begin to fade. They are replaced by the demands that become priorities in our daily lives.

We live in a nation that has a tremendous workforce. Demands for labor increase every year as we try to maintain current family lifestyles. However what effects does that now have on our ability to play? No longer is it conducive or deemed professional in the work place for an adult to engage in a bit of child's play. There are deadlines to meet and projects to employ, and profitable strategies to implement.

In several South America countries it is a cultural practice to close businesses during the lunch hour for a couple of hours for a cat nap or as they refer to it a siesta . Studies report that people in these countries have a longer life span. Could it be because they make it a priority to take care of themselves?

The average working person in America follows a daily routine of rising .sitting countless hours in traffic, working all day, driving home, eating , caring for the families needs, and sleeping. The next day the pattern repeats.

How about playing a little game of ball, a short game of hopscotch or even a small nap in the middle of your day. What might a little relaxation do for productivity, or for the health of employees in this strong high pace workforce.

While I'm not advocating you pull out a game of monopoly at your next board meeting; I do feel it's extremely important that we make and take time to engage in play every once in a while to re-connect us to the joys of life. And yes, the reason we play so hard as children is that eventually we'll have to revert to those skills to help us face and tackle some harsh realities of the real world as an adult. But Let's remember to play as hard as we work.