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Columbus, Cincinnati see 24 percent fewer homicides in '07

Police statistics show homicides dropped by an identical 24 percent in two of the state's largest cities in 2007. But Columbus and Cincinnati officers say it's too early to declare any kind of trend.

In Columbus, police count 79 homicides last year, compared to more than 100 in both 2005 and 2006. Police commander Mary Mathias says other major categories of violence in Columbus also show a decrease. Mathias tells WOSU's Tom Borgerding that patrol officers often take note of subtle changes in neighborhoods to help prevent crime. Cincinnati saw 68 homicides during 2007, compared to 89 in 2006.

The director of the trauma center at University Hospital in Cincinnati says there's still carnage. Authorities say one reason for fewer homicides is 21st century emergency medical care that keeps victims of shootings and other violence alive. They also credit stepped-up police tactics.

Cleveland had at least 133 homicides in 2007, up from 119 during '06.

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