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Ohioans Help Presidential Campaigns In Iowa

The Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary are just days away. And while Ohio's presidential primaries isn't until March 4th, Ohio natives are in the middle of the campaign fever pitch. In Iowa, 26-year-old Anne Filipic is helping to lead grass-roots effort for Senator Barack Obama, while Cincinnati native Caroline Merkel is knocking on doors in the Hawkeye State to convince voters to back Obama's main rival for the Democratic nomination, Senator Hillary Clinton. Bill Leeber, a retired State of Ohio employee, is campaigning for John Edwards.

On the Republican side, Toledo native P.J. Wenzel coordinates support for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in 11 states, including Michigan.

Several other top campaign staffers have spent time working for Ohio politicians.

Leeber, the Edwards volunteer, talks about the Iowa caucus process in the attached clip.