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Snow, Ice Headed for Central Ohio

A storm loaded down with snow and ice is making its way toward central Ohio... and preparations are already underway to make sure your lights stay on.

WOSU's Lauren Schmoll reports...

National Weather Service Meteorologist Jeffery Sites says central Ohio will likely see a combination of snow and ice this weekend.

"Warmer air is going to change the precipitation generally south of I71 to rain," Sites said. "But then there's going to be a transition zone with rain, freezing rain, snow and sleet."

It's that icy mix that gives utility crews fits. At American Electric Power, Vicki Michalski says the company has a plan in place to battle winter's worst... even when that means ice.

"The problems start when you see a quarter of an inch up to three quarters of an inch," Michalski said. "When you start getting into those accumulations, that's where you start getting into real problems."

Regardless of how much snow and ice lands on central Ohio this weekend, AEP says it's ready.

"We've already begun alerting crews to let them know its possible that they could be called in," Michalski said.