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Mom and two girls attacked in Marysville home invasion

A woman and her two daughters in Marysville were attacked during an over night home invasion. The burglars are still at large.

Around 11:45 last night a ten-year-old Marysville girl called the Union County Sheriff's office to report two men were in her home attacking her mother. Marysville Police Chief Floyd Golden said by the time officers arrived to the house the men had fled. Golden said the 10-year-old-girl and her 12-year-old sister had lacerations to their legs. Their mother had a head injury and cuts to her arms. Golden said the incident is a surprise to the community.

"We haven't had anything this violent in the city of Marysville for a number of years. Not at all since I've been the chief for almost four years," Golden said.

Golden said he thinks the aggravated burglary was a crime of opportunity. He says the men entered through an open garage door. Golden said late night burglaries usually result in items being stolen from the home. But in this case the police chief says when the men saw the adult mother the incident escalated and the family was attacked. All three victims were taken to area hospitals. Their conditions were not life threatening. The two men have not been found.