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Gee officially takes over as OSU's 14th President

Many things have changed at Ohio State since Gordon Gee last served as president, including Gee himself. Even though he has done this job once before, Gee said today's first day still comes with the same emotions as his last first day in 1990. "This is the largest most complex university in the country and I felt like I was overwhelmed. I feel overwhelmed today but at least I understand that that to shall pass. Hopefully in the last ten years I have learned a great deal about quality and how one develops a real sense of focus in an institution," Gee said. Gee has spent the last month becoming familiar with the new aspects of campus such as the Gateway District and the workout facilities and he has also been enjoying his old favorite places like Mirror Lake. "I've walked the campus rather substantially over the last month or so to get a sense of geography and a sense of the place." Gee says that he is looking forward to reconnecting with the past but he does not view this presidency as a continuation of his last one. This is a brand new job. I view myself as a brand new president. This is not Gordon Gee number 11 this is Gordon Gee number 14 and by that I mean this is a brand new job and a brand new opportunity, the president said.