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GM workers picket in Groveport

Joyce Connolly was one of about 80 workers who began the week carrying a picket sign at General Motor's AC Delco Plant in Groveport.

"I was home mowing the lawn and I jumped in my car and made it here right at 11... about two minutes till so I could be here when they walked out," she said.

The Groveport plant employs around 100 people. Connolly who has been with GM for nine years, says workers were generally upbeat as they prepared to picket.

"I just want to show support, unity for the union," she said.

"I was excited. It's time for the union to take a stand," said Roger Minton who has been with GM for 10 years. He says GM wants the UAW to take over responsibility for health care. In turn, he says, the union wants better benefits and fewer jobs going overseas.

"We've given up enough over the last, I don't know, 8...10 contracts. We keep giving and giving, so it's time to make a stand and see if we can't get something back," he said.

Workers are picketing at other plants around Ohio including Toledo, Lordstown and Parma. A GM spokesman says the automaker is disappointed in the UAW's decision to call a national strike.