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U.S. Senator George Voinovich says it's time to move out troops from Iraq

When asked if he thinks more republicans will move away from President Bush's position on Iraq, Voinovich said he's not really sure what the administration's position is.

"You know something? One of the things that's puzzling to me, in a way, is where is the administration on this?"

Voinovich said after speaking with numerous people including National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley, Voinovich thinks the Bush Administration knows the Iraqis are preparing for US troops to leave.

"The issue I made with Steve is that we've got to have some confidence that the administration is listening. That there is a 'Plan E' that the disengagement, gradual disengagement, with a ratcheting up of both the political and diplomatic efforts there in that part of the world. So that's what I'm monitoring right now," Voinovich said.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is expected to force a series of votes this week on troop withdrawal and spending. Voinovich said he is not sure yet what he will support.

"I do want to put the pressure on that the sooner we can exit there in a sensible way we ought to be doing that," he said.

Voinovich said frequently reminding the Iraqis that the U.S. is not there indefinitely gives them an incentive, in the Senator's words, to step up to the table and follow through with promises they made earlier.