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Voinovich on Immigration Bill: "Let's have the courage to vote..."

The U.S. Senate Tuesday brought back the immigration bill. Senator George Voinovich played a key role.

The immigration legislation survived a crucial procedural vote. Voinovich was one of 24 Republicans who voted to open debate on the bill. He says it was the right thing to do.

"We said let's bring it to the floor, let's debate the bill," said Voinovich. "And let's have the courage to vote yes or no and take the heat."

Voinovich says that doesn't necessarily mean he'll vote for the final bill.

"We'll see how this thing works out with the amendments...evaluate the bill and if we think it gets the job done and meets the criteria that we set, we'll support it. If we don't, we'll vote no."

Some of the amendments include changing the employment verification requirements, blocking illegal immigrants from applying for green cards, and giving more weight to family ties. Democrat Sherrod Brown also voted to bring the bill back, but hasn't indicated how he will vote on the legislation.