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Inspector General: Mrs. Coleman came and went as she pleased

The Ohio Inspector General says that Frankie Coleman, the wife of Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman, filed time sheets which included hours she did not work.

The inspector general found that Mrs Coleman "came and went as she pleased from her state job" in the Ohio Department of Development.

The investigation also alleges that Mrs. Coleman "established a pattern of being tardy or absent from work" while serving on Governor Strickland's Transition Team which was chaired by her husband.

The Inspector General also investigated suspicions that Mrs. Coleman's former supervisor was fired because she refused to sign Coleman's time-sheets. The IG found Glenda Williamson's dismissal was not in retaliation for her allegations.

The investigation also found that Frankie Coleman initially lied to investigators when confronted with evidence that she was paid for hours she did not work.

The report found Mrs. Coleman was paid about $2500 dollars for 56 hours she did not work. The investigation also found the department improperly gave her a parking pass that is reserved for the department's leadership team, of which she was not a member.

Mrs. Coleman, who disclosed a problem with alcohol abuse, resigned from her position at the Department of Development last Friday. She has entered an in-patient substance abuse treatment program.

The Inspector General has sent the findings to the Columbus city prosecutor. >br> In a written statement, Mayor Coleman says Frankie was well qualified and loved her job. He says his wife cooperated fully with the investigation. And the mayor says he is sure Mrs. Coleman will take responsibility for any mistakes that were made.

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