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Former Delaware Co. Sheriff Sentenced

The man who served as Delaware County sheriff for 15 years was sentenced Friday for two first degree misdemeanors. Al Myers had pleaded guilty to the charges days after resigning from office two months ago.

Following an investigation by the Ohio Ethics Commission, former Delaware Co. sheriff Al Myers was charged with two first degree misdemeanors. Investigators say he received improper compensation for work he did at the Delaware County Fair. He was also charged with conflict of interest for purchasing four patrol cars from a dealership where his son worked. Judge James Fais handed down his sentences in a proceeding that took about five minutes.

"With regards to receiving improper compensation, 30 days, suspended; $300 fine plus costs," Judge Fais said. "The court is going to impose community control sanctions for one year, condition, 50 hours of community service at the People In Need facility.

"With regards to conflict of interest, the court is imposing 30 days and suspending the 30 days," Fais said. "Imposing a fine of $500 plus costs, community control sanctions for one year."

Myers has reimbursed the county $1,323.88, the amount his son received as commission from the vehicle purchases.

On Thursday, the Delaware County Commission appointed Mark Wolfe as interim sheriff.

Ethics Commission attorney Paul Nick, one of the prosecutors in the case, said he believed judge's the sentencing was appropriate.

"I think it's an appropriate for a first time offense for two misdemeanor violations of this nature, Nick said. "And it's consistent with what has been brought and how others have been sentenced across the state."

Dave Yost, Delaware County's prosecuting attorney called it a sad day. But he said that the judicial system works and that those who violate the public trust will be held accountable.

"The heaviest penalty that occurred in this case happened yesterday," Yost said. "A duly elected sheriff of this county left office. And he did so while admitting he had committed a criminal act. And he cannot return to public service for seven years having once violated the public trust."

Myers could have received $1,000 fines and six-month jail sentences for each of the charges.