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Columbus City Councilwoman Appointed to Municipal Court

Columbus City Councilwoman Patsy Thomas has been appointed by Governor Ted Strickland to fill a vacancy on the Frankin County Municipal Court.

"Patsy fully embodies the integrity and high professional standards that judges should demonstrate," Strickland said in a release. "Her legal experience, service to the community and dedication to the justice system will alow her to effectively and impartially apply the law."

Thomas has served on Columbus City Council since 2003 She is chair of the Public Utilities committee and the Administration Committee.

Prior to joining council, Thomas was an environmental prosecutor in the City Attorney's Office. She has more than 20 years of legal experience.

"Patsy Thomas is a strong community advocate who fights tirelessly for families and neighborhoods," says Council President Michael Mentel in a release.

Thomas is a lifelong resident of Columbus. Her term as judge begins April 9th.