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Is Springfield, Ohio the Simpson's Springfield?

The Simpsons movie debuts this summer. The animated series is set in a fictitious "Springfield." But no one knows whether that's Springfield, Ohio, Oregon, Illinois, Missouri, Massachusetts or where. So the film's producers want those real-life cities to compete to host the premiere of the movie. But some Ohio lawmakers aren't big fans of the animinated series.

The movie promises to reveal the "true" Springfield.

Democratic Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown's hardly watched The Simpsons. "This is cartoons, right?," Brown asked. But he's convinced The Simpson's "Springfield"...Is "Ohio's" Springfield.

"Springfield, Ohio is Ohio. I mean it's an industrial city that looks like a lot of America," Brown said.

Does Homer Simpson live in Springfield, Ohio?

"Homer Simpson...if he's a good guy, he lives in Springfield," Brown said, "if he's kind of nuts, he doesn't. So I'll let the jury decide that."

If Homer "does" live in Springfield, he's a constituent of Republican Representative David Hobson. The Congressman's not a fan of the show.

"I know my daughters don't allow their children to watch it," Hobson said.

Hobson says he won't lobby for the premiere to be in Spingfield.

But it would be a feather in Springfield's cap if they get to host a premiere and all these Hollywood types come in.

"I'm not really excited about the Hollywood types. That doesn't really stir me up," Hobson said.

But Hobson says they could host the premiere at the Kuss Auditorium at Clark State Community College.