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Recruiting for Defense Supply Center of Columbus Continues Despite Temporary Budget Cut

Local and state officials and members of the Ohio Congressional delegation continue to support recruiting for 1,100 new jobs at the Defense Supply Center of Columbus. Even though Congress passed a continuing resolution last month temporarily cutting funds for that purpose.

Two years ago officials in Columbus were worried that that Congress's Base Realignment and Closure process might shut down central Ohio's ninth largest employer. But the Defense Supply Center of Columbus and its Defense Finances and Accounting Services - or DFAS - escaped unscathed, even gaining positions lost from other DFAS sites. A year ago, Columbus officials began recruiting for the mostly accounting-related positions. Steve Tugend is vice president of government relations with the Columbus Chamber of Commerce.

"The 900 jobs that are going to the DFAS office are high paying jobs," Tugend says. "Generally to qualify for them you should have a 4-year degree from college. So they pay very well."

Up to $60,000 annually, Tugend says. But a continuing resolution passed by Congress in February cut by half the 5 billion dollars that had been appropriated for the recruiting and transfer process - at least temporarily. It may be restored in a supplemental spending bill that will emerge as early as this week.

Officials remain confident that an expanded federal workforce will materialize in Columbus. Even though more than half the positions will be transfers from sites that were shut down, Tugend says local employees in the private sector will be recruited as will college and university students.

"We're still looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 to 500 jobs locally spread out over a 5-year period of time," Tugend says.

Tugend says the Defense Supply Center of Columbus will remain among the area's top ten employers, unless he says, Congress decides on another round of base realignment and closure.