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Ohio State Fans Stunned By Football Loss

Ohio State head football coach Jim Tressel said the Buckeyes' 41-to-14 loss to Florida last night was not solely the fault of quarterback Troy Smith. He described it as a failure to get the job done "across the board." Hundreds of fans near the O-S-U campus saw jubilation turn to despair.

Buckeye fans at Champps Restaurant just west of campus erupted as Ohio State scored the game's first touchdown only moments after kickoff. Rob Magorien was excited but cautious. "It's impressive I don't think I've ever seen an opening that explosive before. But I think it's going to be a long four quarters we're in for a long haul."

And he was right the Buckeyes only scored one more touchdown during the B-C-S championship game. According to spectator Carlos Rubio, the Florida Gators kept up the pressure on O-S-U's Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Troy Smith. "So far that defense is just killing us; they're not giving Troy Smith any time to pass. They're putting the right pressure on Troy - that's the difference, I think." Said Rubio.

Florida held a 34-to-14 lead at half time and Ohio State was never able to score again. It was Troy Smith's worst game of the season. He threw an interception, fumbled, and passed for just 36 yards, completing only 4 of 14 passes.

The stunned faces of fans in Columbus mirrored those that appeared on the big screens from Arizona as the game wore on. Many Buckeyes at Champps had long since headed for the exits by the time the game ended - Florida downing the previously undefeated Ohio State 41-to-14. John Galvin sat with friends until the end "Very, very surprised. After the first play you thought they had a pretty strong chance to set the tone but we were talking at our table, we almost think that that first play going all the way for a touchdown didn't give an opportunity to set the offense up and get a little confidence on the front lines. The offense and defensive line was really not there tonight and gave up an unbelievable amount of yardage." Said Galvin

Ted Pilch says he came from Cleveland to enjoy the game with friends. "Terrible, terrible. I came down to Columbus for a great time and it didn't work out for me or my friends or all my friends. It didn't work out. We got beaten up and down the field, man, and I didn't like it. I didn't like it." Said Pilch.

Sam Hendren, WOSU News