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Buckeye gear proves to be a holiday retail booster

Some retailers have been struggling these past few weeks inticing consumers to shop more. As sales begin to stagger, ohio state univeristy gear is flying off the shelves. the football team's perfect season has led to a higher than usual demand for a buckeye gift.

While the holiday shopping season started off better then expected, a post-thanksgiving day lull has left some retailers nervous. Stores are counting on last minute shoppers to meet their sales goals and are bringing in eleventh hour shipments of popular items to lure consumers. At the Barnes and Noble book store on the Ohio State University campus, shoppers are lined up to purchase anything with the OSU logo on it. Everything from books to Big Ten Champs tee shirts to pasta in the shape of the Block "O" are here.

Manager Kathy Smith said student are not the only ones giving Buckeye paraphernalia as gifts this year.

"Now with the holidays and everyone buying for the holidays this will be our biggest week for the holiday shopping. So even though the students have left, if is the people in the community who are shopping here as well," Smith said.

Smith said she increased the amount of OSU items she stocked this season. At another sporting goods store, The Buckeye Room, on West Lane Avenue fans buy gear from a variety of teams including the University of Michigan. Manager Ryan Hagey said quarterback Troy Smith jerseys are the hot commodities this season.

"The championship T-shirts are great sellers, jerseys, anything that has anything to do with the number ten on it is definitely selling well. A lot of the youth jerseys people can not get enough of for their kids," Hagey said.

Hagey said the Buckeye Room sales have increased steadily over the past few weeks and he anticipates this week to be the busiest one yet.While other retailers are discounting products to drive sales, there was no need for half off signs on the shelves filled with Buckeye gear.