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Bill is Many Things to Many Ohioans

What began in Ohio as a legislative proposal to honor military men and women wounded in battle ended up doing dozens of other things.

Lawmakers wrapping up their two-year session jammed everything from a new state fruit designation to an honor for a children's book author into a single highway bill.

The bill by Republican Senator David Goodman designates interstates 70 and 71 the Purple Heart Trail in Ohio.

The version heading for the Senate for final agreement next week includes more than 60 items unrelated to the original purpose of the bill.

Among other changes, the bill would designate the paw paw Ohio's native state fruit and make the bullfrog the official state amphibian.

The bill also names Hamilton native Robert McCloskey Ohio's official state children's book author and designates April 29 Dale Earnhardt Day in honor of the late race car driver.