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Choirs Entertain Travelers At Port Columbus

Port Columbus kicked off a week of holiday entrainment Monday with a series of concerts by local choral groups. 10 central Ohio area will perform for holiday travelers in the airport's ticketing lobby.

It was business as usual Monday morning at Port Columbus as TSA employs x-rayed checked baggage at the ticket counter.

The passengers - a few of the 17-thousand that fly in and out of Columbus every weekday - seem to take the chaos stride.

But in the center of the ticket area at selected times today through Friday the airport is providing something a little extra for the weary holiday traveler.

This week 10 elementary, middle school and high school choirs from around central Ohio will be performing holiday music at the airport. Angie Tabor is Port Columbus spokeswoman

"Different airports try to do different things during the holiday and we like bringing in these local and area choirs to be a part of the holiday season. The children's voices and the bell choir really just help to add to the mood of the season this year."

Joan and Tom Nolan who were on their way home to Arizona stopped to hear the Licking Heights High School choir from Pataskala."I think it's great. I think it's wonderful. We're from Tuscan and we don't have anything happening like that in our city."

"Anybody who doesn't like Christmas music is dead."

"And you know, I think it even calms you down a little bit if you're a little tight up."

"And if you have a long trip ahead of you it makes you feel, the trip will be easier.

Agatha Cohen from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, says she was pleasantly surprised when she arrived at the Port Columbus and heard music of the holidays.

"Coming up the escalator, I was hearing the music and it just lifted my spirits. It was wonderful. So I'm glad we have a little extra time before our flight to enjoy it. And they are awesome!"

Members of the Licking Heights choir say they enjoy the experience too.

"It's cool to come and see everybody with all their luggage walk by and "

"Joyful. Extremely joyful, because we're bring joy to them.

You always kind of see them smile even if they don't have a smile on their face before they pass by you it's kind of interesting to see that."