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Columbus police hope death following taser won't affect 'more tasers' campaign

Last week the Columbus Division of Police touted success with its first full year of using tasers. So much so the department wants more devices to equip most of its officers. But after Sunday night's death following the use of a taser, the department may be set back.

The Columbus Police Department told Councilman Mike Mental last week that tasers have been a huge benefit to the city. The department said there were 24 times deadly force could have been used but was prevented by using a taser. It also said officers and inmates have incurred fewer injuries. So the department is asking the Columbus City Council for 110 more tasers.

Sunday night a man died after officers fired two tasers at him for assaulting a hotel security guard. Even though the autopsy report is not back, the incident could have a negative effect on the request for more tasers. Sergeant Brian Bruce with the department's defensive tactics hopes that's not the case.

"We're hoping that we don't get the negative reaction. We're hoping also that everybody waits until we find out what occured," Bruce said. Columbus Police said officers fired two tasers at an uncontrollable man who appeared intoxicated. One taser missed the man. The other one hit his coat, but police say it did not penetrate the man's skin.

Councilman Mike Mental declined to comment about the death until autopsy results are released. The city council will receive the taser legislation Monday night. The council is set to vote on it next week.