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Congressional Candidate Kilroy Runs Ads About Provisional Ballots

It's been a week since the mid-term elections, and 15th Congressional candidate Mary Jo Kilroy is still running ads. That's because provisional ballots have not been counted in the too close to call race.

This is part of the television ad Franklin County Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy is running.

In addition to the TV ad, Kilroy is running a radio ad and making automated phone calls to local voters, asking if they voted by provisional ballot. Kilroy's campaign manager, Scott Kozar.

"We are helping voters who might have had to vote provisionally ensure that their vote is counted by informing them of what they need to do to secure their ballots so that the board of elections counts it," Kozar said.

Provisional voters have 10 days to correct any mistakes on their ballots or provide needed information. Kilroy needs more than 3,500 votes to go to Congress. And her campaign thinks the 15th district's representative will be a democrat once all provisional ballots are counted. But 7-term congresswoman Deborah Pryce declared victory last week. Her spokesperson, George Rasley, said their campaign is monitoring the process, and said Kilroy's actions are excessive.

"This is completely unnecessary. Ohio law clearly provides for people's votes to be protected," Rasley said.

Kilroy's campaign website is now geared toward voters who voted provisionally. Kozar said they want to make sure the board of elections has all the information it needs to count provisional votes.

"I don't know what the Pryce campaign has against counting every vote. But we're in the business of ensuring every vote is counted," Kozar said.

Slightly more than 10,000 people cast provisional ballots in the 15th district last week.