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Some Problems with Voting Machines Reported Across Ohio

Longs lines, problems with ballot-reading machines and some frustrated voters who left polls without casting ballots were reported early today in Ohio.

It's the first general election with all 88 counties using electronic voting -- either touch-screen machines or paper ballots read by scanners.

Voters also are now required to show ID.

In Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland and elsewhere, there were lines more than 30 people deep at polling places.

A Columbus polling station opened a few minutes late because of a break-in at the school where the precinct is located.

An official with the Franklin County Board of Elections says there were problems with about 200 machines but they have been fixed.

In Athens County in southeastern Ohio, the prosecutor warned voters to be leery of fraudulent calls claiming their voting precinct had been changed. (Copyright 2006 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)