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15th Congressional Race In The Voters' Hands

It's now up to the voters to decide one of the most watched races in the nation Tuesday. Monday 15th Congressional district candidates made last ditch efforts to get votes in a neck and neck race. In the final hours of a race that could cost her, her seat as the fourth ranking republican in the US House, Deborah Pryce herself placed campaign calls from the Ohio GOP phone bank.

The Columbus Dispatched released its final poll Sunday, indicating democrats have a staggering lead in all statewide. There are no known independent polls of the 15th congressional district. But Pryce said her internal polling is positive.

"The 15th district race is neck and neck, with almost all indicators going our way. So we're real excited about it," Pryce said.

Democratic challenger Franklin County Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy spent the day talking with locals at neighborhood diners. But she made a quick stop by her campaign's phone bank to speak with volunteers.

While Kilroy did not say how she was personally feeling on the last day of her campaign, she did say she and her staff put in a lot of hard work. And she did not appear surprised about the Dispatch poll showing democrats with a big lead.

"I think it confirms how many people want to see change, want us to change course, set a new direction, whether it's in the state of Ohio or in Washington. Even though they didn't poll in my race specifically, I think it still holds," Kilroy said.

Pryce is a seven-term member of Congress. If Kilroy wins the seat, it could have a big impact on which party controls the House.