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Central Ohio Army Sargeant Remembered

Funeral Services are Wednesday in Hilliard for 21 year old Army Sargeant Adam Knox. Knox was killed by small arms fire while patrolling in Baghdad, Iraq on September 17th. He was serving with the Army Reserve 346th Psychological Operations Company based in Columbus.

As a hearse arrived Tuesday morning at the Hilliard Church of Christ on Avery Road, eight pall bearers in military dress lifted the flag-draped coffin, carried it into the church, and positioned it directly in front of the pulpit.

As members of Knox's unit prepared for the soldier's wake, First Sargeant Dwayne West offered thoughts on Sargeant Knox's life and military service. "You talk about contribution. He paid the ultimate price and he did that for his country, which he loved dearly, and for the United States Army. With that said, that in itself speaks volumes. Not only did he volunteer for the Army. He volunteered to be a paratrooper first, He volunteered to go to air assault school, which are two very high and prestigious honors to be bestowed on a person to be able to even go to those schools. He went and excelled." Says West.

Sargeants Jason Lett and Christopher Dickerson remembered moments spent with Sargeant Knox as they trained for deployment. Dickerson recalls Knox liked hamburgers and hotrods. "I knew Sargeant Knox ever since he joined the unit. I probably knew Sargeant Knox for three years. Myself and Sargeant Lett used to go out to lunch with him every single drill. We used to go out to Fuddrucker's, and you know we would you know, just kinda get away for a little bit. We would talk about things outside the military. We talked about racing and going out to National Trails. He had a 97 Trans Am that he liked to take out to National Trails." Says Dickerson. "He made it a lot easier to deal with some of the tough stuff that we do. He made it a lot more bearable." Sargeant Lett adds that Sargeant Knox "went to more military schools" than most of those studying to be a non-commissioned officer. He characterizes Knox as a "high speed soldier." Sargeant Adam Knox graduated from Westland High School in 2003.

Tom Borgerding WOSU News.