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Ohio Candidates Debate Plans For Schools

On the eve of the gubernatorial debate focused on education, the Republican candidate for governor has unveiled his education reform platform. His opponent says he'd give it a failing grade. The Republican nominee for governor says Ohio's education system should be revamped so money follows children to the schools they choose. Republican candidate Kenneth Blackwell is talking about his plan for child-centered funding before he and Democratic nominee Ted Strickland are to debate education issues in Cleveland.

Blackwell proposes a 15-member board that would determine the best way to fund schools and assign the proper amount of money to each student.

Strickland's campaign says Blackwell's plan sounds like one that has already failed in the state, a panel appointed by Governor Taft.

Strickland has his own education reforms. His plan calls for changes like universal access to preschool and state-funded college savings accounts.