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Central Ohioans Sick From E-Coli; Bagged Spinach Suspected

The Franklin County Health Department has confirmed several cases of E-Coli infection in Central Ohio. Authorities have linked other E-Coli outbreaks to bagged fresh spinach. Grocery stores like Kroger are tossing out all fresh spinach products.

Franklin County Health Department spokesperson Jose Rodriguez said the Central Ohio E-Coli cases are being investigated and appear to be linked to fresh spinach. He said he does not belive any one has been hospitalized in Central Ohio, and there have not been any deaths.

Federal health officials say one person is dead and 50 others got sick from E-Coli in at least eight states. Federal health officials are asking people to throw away all fresh spinach products. Kroger spokesperson, Monica Gordon, said the grocery store chain has removed from its shelves all salad mixes and kits that include fresh spinach.

"We are also no longer receiving any deliveries into our warehouse that have products with the fresh spinach in there. As well, we are not shipping any product that we may have had on hand in our warehouse that may have had fresh spinach in it," Gordon said.

Gordon said customers should not eat any fresh spinach. She said the products may be returned to the store for a refund.