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Ohio State University Student Delayed By London Terror Alert.

An Ohio State University professor and WOSU Theatre critic is keeping close watch this morning on developments in London where British authorities foiled an alleged terror plot.

U-S Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff has slapped a code-red alert on all commercial flights coming from Britain and the security net has stranded some passengers in London trying to get to the United States, including 24 year old Patrick Reilley. Reilley was set to take off early this morning to get to O-S-U law school orientation. But, Reilley's mother, Department of Theatre professor Joy Reilley, says instead she received a pre-dawn wake-up call.

Reilley says her son was scheduled to fly out of London's second busiest airport, not Heathrow. The terror alert is affecting passengers at U-S airports too. At Port Columbus, No liquids, gels or beverages are being allowed on planes.