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Columbus Police Arrest Former OSU Star Maurice Clarett

Maurice Clarett yesterday made his first appearance in court following a police chase that resulted in two felony weapons charges. Judge David Fais set Clarett's bond for a seperate robbery charge at $1.1 million following Clarett's most recent arrest. Clarett was arrested yesterday after a high-speed chase on Columbus' east side. Police say he was wearing a bulletproof vest with four loaded weapons in his SUV. Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brian says his office requested a reconsideration of bond for a robbery charge stemming from an alledged robbery last New Year's Eve. O'Brian says Clarett has been charged with several traffic violations, as well as carrying a concealed weapon and having a weaopn while under indictment for armed robbery.

O'Brian says Clarett is scheduled to appear in court Thursday for the traffic and gun charges. O'Brian says one reason for requesting a denial of bond for the armed robbery charge is Clarett was arrested yesterday very close to the home of the people he is accused of robbing.